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Hangsterfer’s Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the research, development, custom formulation, and manufacture of a full-line of REACH compliant metalworking lubricants. This includes emulsifiable oils, semi-synthetics, synthetics, straight cutting oils, drawing and forming compounds, EDM fluid and machine lubricants.

"Our products will exceed your expectations without compromise to health, safety or environmental concerns."

As a result of its long-term research and development, Hangsterfer's offers a wide range of products for the entire process chain of metalworking.

Moreover, Hangsterfer's develops and produces individually tailored product concepts in cooperation with well-known machine tool manufacturers for the automotive and automotive supply industry as well as the aerospace industry and medical technology. Our focus is on the entire process chain in order to open new technologies, synergy effects and saving potentials to our customers.


We pool our strengths to be successful - our young team takes its knowledge from practice for practice and combines it with theoretical lubricant studies and field ready processes. With this extrem high level of knowledge Hangsterfer's is the first choice for turnarounds and new beginnings in metalworking companies. Become the best reference and start using our problem-free and ultra-stable metalworking lubricants.


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Hangsterfer's is not only providing innovative high performance products but is also supporting the customer by offering competent application advice and broad lab services. Hangsterfer's has established a tight network sales partners and specialists in all important industrial markets in and outside Europe to guarantee a high standard of service and consultation on an international level.


Hangsterfer's first class in quality and perfomance for your processes!


The full range of Hangsterfer's metalworking lubricants covers water soluble and neat oils as well as high-performance cleaners:


Water-soluble metalworking fluids:
Building on our legacy of ultra-reliable coolants like S-500CF, our 700 Series Bio-Hard ® technology has evolved from the high quality emulsifiable oils (high oil content) into semi-synthetic (low oil content) and full synthetics (no oil content). Hangsterfer’s only uses highly refined, ultra -pure ingredients. All of Hangsterfer’s coolant concentrates are formulated with advanced technologies, which utilize synthetic, vegetable and petroleum components.

Non-water-miscible metalworking fluids (neat/straight oils):
Hangsterfer’s cutting oils are recognized by Swiss-Style screw machine manufacturers around the world. Hard-Cut ® has improved tool life and surface qualities by as much as 300%. In addition to the lubricity provided at the cutting zone, our cutting oils provide excellent lubrication for the machine’s slides, guide bushings, bearings, and spindles. Hangsterfer’s Next Generation® (NG) Series is formulated with the industry’s safest chlorinated extreme pressure additives, and our Missile Lube ® series is both chlorine and sulfur free.


Metalforming compounds:

Our “grease-like” metalforming compounds are highly fortified with additives that prevent metal-to-metal contact at the tool-workpiece interface where temperatures can exceed 1000° C. We specialize in forming and drawing compounds for tube, rod, wire, bar and blanks. Hangsterfer’s can custom blend products for whatever unique metalforming application you may have.


Machine Lubricants


In the early 1980s, Hangsterfer’s developed “coolant compatible” machine lubricants that do not cause negative coolant effects such as odor, staining and dermatitis. Our unique “coolant compatible” formulations allows the oil to remain on the sliding surface in a completely fluid-like state, thus protecting the surface more effectively than old technology. Water is repelled which improves lubrication and prevents corrosion.


Our products are used in a variety of industries all over Europe. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and produce in accordance with strict quality levels and go far beyond the standards in regard to ecology and health. Be well prepared for anything and do not left your success to chance. Chose Hangsterfer's - chose the top of the line. We will find the right coolant for your process.