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Hangsterfer's offers water miscible metalworking fluids, soluble or emulsifiable, based on different formulation concepts for different metals and a variety of other materials.


Water soluble coolants with maximum perfomance at low consumption.

Powerful coolant concentrates are a prerequisite for efficient metalworking in turning, drilling, milling and grinding. Water soluble coolants from Hangsterfer's form finely dispersed and stable emulsions with minimum to none discharge loss.

Non water miscible metal working fluids – often named as neat cutting oils or straight cutting oil respectively grinding oils – can be provided with various different base oil technologies such as mineral oil, esters and others.

Neat oils from Hangsterfer's make an essantial contribution to optimization of production processes. With our high-performance oils, we meet the demands of high power and low viscosity. Work efficiency, safety and think environmentally!

Cutting and grinding oils from Hangsterfer's are the key for your production process.

Our “grease-like” metalforming compounds are highly fortified with additives that prevent metal-to-metal contact at the tool-workpiece interface where temperatures can exceed 1000° C. We specialize in forming and drawing compounds for tube, rod, wire, bar and blanks. Hangsterfer’s can custom blend products for whatever unique metalforming application you may have.

In the early 1980s, Hangsterfer’s developed “coolant compatible” machine lubricants that do not cause negative coolant effects such as odor, staining and dermatitis. Our unique “coolant compatible” formulations allows the oil to remain on the sliding surface in a completely fluid-like state, thus protecting the surface more effectively than old technology. Water is repelled which improves lubrication and prevents corrosion.

Crystal Brite ® EDM has been proven successful in both high and low amperage spark erosion processes. Its unique blend of low viscosity ultra-pure hydrocarbons with the latest synthetic technology provides a crystal clear fluid with high oxidation stability and extremely low viscosity. The result is stability under high amperage as well as fast flushing in tight tolerance finishing work.

Rust Inhibitors are available in both aqueous and non-aqueous varieties. We have products for very short term, as well as long-term protection. Aqueous cleaners are available in a variety of detergency and pH ranges depending on the cleaning objectives. We also offer non-aqueous cleaning solvents, which are ozone friendly. Specialty Additives are used for the easy correction of in-process errors or for making adjustments needed to compensate for engineering changes..