/ straight cutting oils

Hangsterfer’s cutting oils are recognized by Swiss-Style screw machine manufacturers around the world. Hard-Cut ® has improved tool life and surface qualities by as much as 300%. In addition to the lubricity provided at the cutting zone, our cutting oils provide excellent lubrication for the machine’s slides, guide bushings, bearings, and spindles. Hangsterfer’s Next Generation® (NG) Series is formulated with the industry’s safest chlorinated extreme pressure additives, and our Missile Lube ® series is both chlorine and sulfur free.


/ HardCut Series


The Hard-Cut ® series is recognized as the ultimate in high quality cutting oils. Hard-Cuts are intended to make the hardest applications easier and more profitable by improving part quality and by reducing tooling costs. Hard-Cut 5418, an outstanding all-around cutting oil, can be used in Swiss-Style automatics, milling machines or light stamping. Hard-Cut NG is the Next Generation® of Hard-Cuts and contains an infused combination of synthetic and vegetable compounds and derivatives. Delivers extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to the tool work-piece interface without compromise to other features that you expect.



/ Missile Lube


Hangsterfer’s Missile Lube series includes high quality, high performance, chlorine and sulfur free oils. The combination of synthetic and vegetable based technologies increases tool life and improves surface finishes for a variety of metalworking operations. Composed of highly refined raw materials, the Missile Lube series helps keep the machine clean and minimizes operator exposure to mist and smoke. The non-toxic and non-corrosive blend is designed for easy waste disposal and operator safety.


/ CC Series


Hangsterfer’s CC 10 and CC 22 oils are designed for light and medium duty metalcutting and metalforming operations. These economically formulated oils are manufactured under the same quality control standards set for all Hangsterfer’s products. Offering superior lubrication for the machine tool as well as the cutting and forming operations. CC oils provide benefits in productivity, equipment life and environmental compliance.


/ Grinding Oils


Hangsterfer’s Grinding Synthetic 8 (GS 8) is formulated with a unique combination of synthetic base oils, specially designed to provide the lowest viscosity without compromise to high temperature performance. Grinding Synthetic 8 keeps your grinding wheel free cutting, reducing scrap and smoke generation, for an overall great work environment. Low foam technology also allows for improved heat dissipation and better tolerances.




Our Grinding Oils are compatible with all types of grinding wheels, and can be used for grinding high-speed steel, cobalt, carbide, ceramics and hardened steel. Unique advanced synthetic and natural lubricity additives in Grinding Oil help keep your grinding wheels clean, help maintain part integrity, and produce a great surface finish.


/ PC Series


Hangsterfer’s PC series is based on advanced Very High Flash Point (VHF) chemistry and Polar Cutting (PC) Technology. As speeds and feeds are maximized, the temperature in the work piece zone is ever increasing. As a result, the VHF characteristics are well sought after because of their higher flash point. The PC series not only lubricates the tool, but equally lubricates the metal being cut, creating metal flow conditions that were previously unattainable with traditional technologies.

/ Tapping & Misting


SuperAllTap ®, recognized as the ultimate in high quality tapping compounds, is a heavy-duty compound used for severe thread cutting and thread forming operations. Offering superior lubrication for the tool provides benefits in productivity and tool life. The non-toxic formulation is designed for operator safety. Due to its ability to emulsify into water, SuperAllTap is excellent for machines using coolants since it will easily wash off into the coolant system.


Hangsterfer’s SuperAllMist® was specifically developed to be applied by mist applicators. SuperAllMist provides extreme adhesion to the tool and workpiece. This extreme adhesion protects the tool allowing extended tool life and maximum surface quality. In addition, this product has excellent cooling properties and is non-toxic.