/ standards

Quality at the highest level is Hangsterfer's strategy to achieve the customer’s satisfaction as well as sustainable growth. This philosophy is an elementary part of our corporate culture, this is what the management, and every single employee stands for. Due to this culture, Hangsterfer's is able to meet and exceed the high quality standards of our customers from the automotive, automotive supply and from other key industries and to ensure reliable supply globally.

Hangsterfer’s concern for environmental conservation initiatives has always been in the forefront of our operations. The history of Hangsterfer’s reflects a longstanding stewardship of the environment and conservation. We will continue to pursue such initiatives through company-wide activities. Hangsterfer’s strives to promote ongoing environmental awareness. Continuous improvement is vital to maintaining environmental responsibility and all employees at Hangsterfer’s play key roles in the program.


The development and production of environmentally friendly products. We contribute to sustainability by developing and providing products with as minimal environmental impact as possible. Our products and services contribute to environmental improvement and sustainability also through our trained workforce.