/ miscellaneous products

/ Rust inhibitors


Hangsterfer’s Rust Coats are general purpose; oil based rust inhibitors designed for use in a variety of applications. With their wide range of viscosities, Hangsterfer’s Rust Coats can be used for both short and long term protection on parts, as an additive in cutting oils or to flush and protect your machine tool when changing oils. Rust Coats are formulated for use on all metals. Their non-hazardous formulation provides for a safe workplace environment and easy waste disposal.


/ Cleaners


Hangsterfer’s Clean All ® is designed for dilution with water for various cleaning applications. Clean All has a three component cleaning technology which consists of oil soluble detergents, water soluble detergents and emulsifiers. These components quickly remove dirt, oil, grease and other residues.

The Ozonic ® series of cleaning solvents have been developed as a suitable alternative to chlorinated solvents, and are free of chlorine and ozone depleting chemicals. The Ozonic series is an excellent choice when the maximum cleaning efficiency is required. They provide an excellent alternative to aqueous or semi-aqueous solutions. This series is chemically engineered to dissolve common fat, oils and grease that are used in the metal cutting and metal forming industries while being mild to the skin due to the fact that they do not de-fat the skin like most solvents. In addition, they have low odor and are considered to have minimal toxicity.


/ additives


Additive Calcium Liquid is a liquid form of calcium acetate. It is intended for use when the total water hardness of the water being used to dilute coolants is not adequate. Hard water minerals like calcium will help reduce the foaming tendencies of most coolants.


Additive Calcium Liquid is highly recommended for companies who are treating their water by means of Deionization (D.I.) or Reverse Osmosis (R/O). Both D.I. and R/O strip the water of most of the essential minerals, therefore, some of the beneficial minerals like low levels of calcium must be replenished. Its use is also beneficial where water softeners are utilized.


Refresh is a highly concentrated odor eliminator. Certain microorganisms, especially anaerobic bacteria, will produce gases as they proliferate. These gases often contain high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which is often compared or associated with a “rotten egg like odor”. Refresh neutralizes the gases and makes them inert. Refresh is not a biocide, however, in conjunction with other basic procedures, Refresh lowers bacteria counts. Its unique chemistry not only neutralizes the gases but also creates an undesirable environment for the odor causing bacteria. Refresh helps normalize coolant systems and brings them back to desired stability ranges.