/ machine lubricants

In the early 1980s, Hangsterfer’s developed “coolant compatible” machine lubricants that do not cause negative coolant effects such as odor, staining and dermatitis. Our unique “coolant compatible” formulations allows the oil to remain on the sliding surface in a completely fluid-like state, thus protecting the surface more effectively than old technology. Water is repelled which improves lubrication and prevents corrosion.


/ WayOil Series


The full range of Hangsterfer’s WayOil series of products offers superior slideway adherence, stick-slip friction characteristics and complete water soluble coolant separation. WayOil 2 is formulated with high quality additives, resulting in products that meet or exceed international specifications established for slideway oils. By separating quickly and completely from your water soluble coolant, you will achieve the maximum in cutting performance and sump life. In addition, because they minimize water solubility, they are less likely to be prematurely washed off the ways. The Way Oil series is available in 5 viscosities that meet the International Standards Organization (ISO) viscosity requirements for machine lubricants.

/ Antiwear Series


The Antiwear 32 and Antiwear 100 products are dual-purpose machine lubricants formulated for both hydraulic and spindle lubrication. The dual-purpose formulation eliminates the need to inventory both hydraulic and spindle oils. The primary benefit of the Antiwear series is the fact that they do not emulsify in water and as a result will reject from coolant faster than lower quality products. Faster rejection means easier removal of tramp oil from the coolant by means of decantation, skimming, coalescing and centrifuging.