/ coolant concentrates

/ emulsifiable oils


S-500CF ® A Boeing approved product for general machining of all metals. Due to its extreme pressure (EP) properties, outstanding results have been generated on all metals, including nickel alloys, stainless steels and aluminum alloys. Our CF version is chlorine free with specially formulated anti-weld and anti-wear compounds for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals especially aluminum alloys.


Missile Lube ® 5 EH Chlorine-free, vegetable oil based coolant. Provides excellent lubricity, surface finishes and tool life. Especially good for aluminum, steel, Stainless Steel and other difficult to machine materials.


/ semi-synthetic


Hangsterfer’s semi-sythetics, like 5080 are chlorine-free, vegetable based micro-emulsion semi-synthetic coolants that represents the Next Generation® in technology. The unique characteristics of our semi-sythetics allow for excellent results high-pressure applications with exotic aerospace and medical alloys. The natural translucent formula provides good work piece visibility, very low consumption, and often reduces coolant consumption by more than 20%! 5080 is non-hazardous, non-toxic, contains no noxious chemicals, is low-odor, mild to the skin, does not damage paint, and is compatible with machine elastomers.

R-100 An excellent grinding synthetic, especially useful in Blanchard grinders and deburring tumblers. Hangsterfer’s R-100 is a full synthetic machining and grinding coolant. The transparent biostable formula offers extended sump life, reduced coolant consumption and minimal waste. R-100 is free of oil and grease while remaining transparent in both hard and soft water. It provides a unique cleaning action to help reduce wheel loading and leaves behind a thin corrosion inhibiting film.

Additionally, the 5040 low hydrocarbon formula utilizes special vegetable derived ingredients to achieve outstanding results in a wide variety of applications. The unique lubricity characteristics of 5040 allow for manufacturing of ferrous to non-ferrous materials.


/ synthetic


Crystal Cut ® 322 A Boeing approved full synthetic, which is excellent for machining and grinding of all materials, especially aerospace materials. Crystal Cut 322 is based on Alternative and Renewable Resources, and its unique formulation significantly eases the cutting process and also provides excellent corrosion and rust protection reducing oxidation of the freshly cut surfaces.